On Nov. 13, indoor dining shut down yet again for restaurants in San Francisco, Santa Clara and Contra Costa counties, with other several counties on the verge of doing it, as well. It’s all due to the persistent coronavirus, and besides being disappointing to diners wanting to enjoy their favorite meals, it’s taking a severe financial toll on the businesses.

In response, take-out is continuing to grow in popularity. Many eateries have expanded into catering and gift certificates, too, and some now sell their signature sauces, breads, spice mixes and other upscale provisions as stand-alone items for cooking at home.

Yet in a time when it’s more important than ever to support local businesses, a great restaurant meal can still be had. You can enjoy a top-notch breakfast, lunch, dinner and even a holiday feast, while helping restaurateurs keep their doors open and their staff employed.

Do note that if you choose an on-site experience, you should call your destination before showing up, as most restaurants now require reservations.

Outdoor dining

Mild weather is a hallmark of Bay Area living, and many restaurants have set up patio, terrace, sidewalk and parklet dining spaces. Some spots are fortunate enough to have rooftop dining, as well.

El Techo

Above its sister restaurant Lolinda in San Francisco, El Techo impresses with its rooftop boasting 360-degree views of its Mission District neighborhood and comfort amenities including umbrellas, heat lamps and a retractable overhang. New, permanent dividers have been installed in between tables, all the better to relax and enjoy Latin American dishes like empanadas, braised beef tacos in handmade tortillas and upscale chicharrones of roasted and fried chunks of pork…


By Richard Moran

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